Vintage 1963 Gretsch Jimmie Rodgers 6003 Guitar

Vintage Gretsch Guitar Viking 1965
Vintage Gretsch Guitar Viking 1965
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 1781304083612020 Vintage 1963 Gretsch Jimmie Rodgers 6003 Guitar

Vintage 1963 Gretsch model  6003

 Jimmie Rodgers Folk Singer Guitar

 As a guitar, it was a Martin copy with a solid spruce top, mahogany back & sides with a rosewood fretboard & bridge.  While it was never a great guitar, it was always a good value, under any name.

Probably the single most distinguishing characteristic of the 6003 is the sheer number of names the same guitar was given.  Among the various names given the flattop:

§ Jimmie Rodgers

§ Grand Concert

§ Jimmie Rodgers Folk Singing

§ Folk Singer

Whatever it was called, the 6003 was a mainstay of the Gretsch line for years and quietly sold quite a few copies.  From roughly 1959 to 1963 the 6003 was known as the Jimmie Rodgers or the Jimmie Rodgers Folk Singer model. It was listed in the '63 catalog as the 'Folk Singing'. 

Here is the chance to buy a little bit of history and nastalgia. The guitar is in very good condition for her age.  There are a couple of small dings on the top and a scratch.  The binding has some crackling. The back has some indentation scracthes, but they are not through the finish. The bridge is not lifting and the action is very good. She is a great guitar and she can be yours.


 1781304083612021 Vintage 1963 Gretsch Jimmie Rodgers 6003 Guitar

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