50’s Vintage Gretsch Dearmond Dynasonic Pickup

vintage gretsch guitar
vintage gretsch guitar
   US $610.00
 33533504027563650 50s Vintage Gretsch Dearmond Dynasonic Pickup

Vintage Gretsch DeArmond Dynasonic

This is a very old 50's era Dearmond Dynasonic from a Gretsch guitar

This measures 9.6k which is more powerful than the reissues.
The reissues are supposed to be copies of this but they missed out on a few details. Firstly the magnets are plated  (or highhly polished), also, there is a brass attachment that the cable is mounted on

andconnects to the pickup. This is no on the new ones. The new ones are also less powerfull.

The bottom side of the pickup is embossed with "DeArmond REG. U.S. PAT. OFF+

By the way... THIS PICKUP SOUNDS GREAT!! My guitar has gold hardware so I'll have to find one in gold.


Shipping is $5 in the USA and Canada - and $10 overseas

 33533504027563651 50s Vintage Gretsch Dearmond Dynasonic Pickup

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